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Alerting on rarely occurring User Session Custom Metrics (uscm)


I have an user session custom metric whose ocurrences are ranging between 0 to 4 /min, so I want to create a metric event around this, however there are a few problems:

Both, the seasonal baseline and auto-adaptive treshold takes 0 as an OK value all the time, and not only for the non working hours, so this would actually not be okay. I can see this to be based on the 99th/min percentile being around 0 all the time (which I guess it's correct), so, what are my options?

I have thought about modifying the uscm to be grouped to get the last hour/last day ocurrences.

Can you think of any better/more elegant solution?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Why not set a static range of anything under 4 requests per min are problematic? 


I think I ended up using :rollup(avg,15m),

the thing with static range here not being optimal is that temporarely 4 requests / min was not actually a problem, but a "constant" flow of requests for minutes.

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