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Archive of notifications?


Dynatrace sends notifications to the top of the screens for several reasons, including licensing. Just to be clear, these are those notifications that appear in the UI/CMC in yellow/red stripes at the top.

Sometimes, I have to close them before I take an action. But they typically don't come back and seem to not be available elsewhere.

Does someone know if they are available somewhere (API?) in SaaS/Managed environments?

Antonio Sousa

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Antonio!

This is a very good question! I had not thought of that before so I spent some time looking through the different API endpoints, but unfortunately I was not able to find this data anywhere in the Audit or Events section.

From my search I would say this is currently not possible and is a feature that could be added to the environment Audit API.

My searching was done on Dynatrace SaaS so maybe someone else can comment if this is a feature available on Managed.

Hope this helps



They are not available via API in managed either. I would recommend putting in a FRE with your UseCase 🙂