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Can Dynatrace OneAgent monitor file directory and trigger alert if a new file is added


Is Dynatrace able to monitor a directory on a monitored host and provide an alert when a specific file is moved to that directory? For example, we have systems that require update or movement of data. If the update or movement fails, a file is placed into an error directory to be processed later. It would be good if an alert from Dynatrace can be initiated when a new file is added to a monitored error directory. Is this possible in Dynatrace?


DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

I too would be interested to hear what Dynatrace's response is to this.   I've been trying to find a similar solution in which I can confirm that a batch job successfully ran and dropped off the file.   I don't believe this is possible right now in Dynatrace but would be interesting to see if maybe through the collective use of other Dynatrace features this could be accomplished.

Jason Shuff - Yale University
I might be tough on Dynatrace but I believe in the product.

Frequent Guest

It would be ideal to be able to configure through the console.


Depending on the urgency of your need, you could create a script to monitor that location (or even for a specific file name) and then use the API to post the event.  I know it's not optimal, but this could be a stop gap solution.