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Can Entity:{ImpactedEntity} be added in the default problem notification alert sent to PagerDuty?


I’m using the Problem notification setup in Dynatrace with PagerDuty.

Was looking for the following additional information to be sent from Dynatrace into PagerDuty.


For now I’ve setup an email integration between Dynatrace and PagerDuty and I can add in Entity:{ImpactedEntity}


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You are right within the PagerDuty integration Dynatrace does send out a predefined information message and does not offer any field for the user to add any placeholder or custom information. I will take your requirement and I will check how to add an additional field to allow you to use the same placeholder as within the other integration types. It will take some dev cycles to come into production but please stay tuned I will inform you once it goes live.

Hi - any luck with getting development completed and into production? Thanks, Dougal

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