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Custom Alert - Match on Tag Key, independent of Tag Value


All of our Host entities are given a Tag for [ITSM]Tier:#.

Key = [ITSM]Tier

Value = a number between 1 and 5. 


This is required information so I want to trigger Alerts only if this KEY exists, independent of what the value is. After some testing I've determined the below, valid, configuration causes the Custom Alert to never trigger. 



The only way i can get this to work is to create 5 Alerting Profiles. One for each potential Value.  This Alerting Profile specifically has many rules to it so having to maintain 5 of these would be impractical.  Plus i have another tag with similar issue so to handle all situations I would have to create 5*5 = 25 Alerting Profiles to handle all situations.







Just to be clear, this issue affect all types of problem alert custom events for alerting and out of the box alerting. We ran into a similar issue where things had to be isolated by environment because staff wanted a subject line that would contain the environment. Overall the Alerting Profiles and integrations do need to become more robust. I recommend tossing in a RFE for this. 




The solution I am suggesting may not be elegant but it works.


Create a automatic tagging rule with a tag name lets say 'ITSMTierExists' if one of the 5 tag exists. Now you can use ITSMTierExists tag in your Alerting profile.