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Custom alert - If the number of Process instances/counts not equal to 3


As part of defining the custom alerts in our infrastructure we want to make sure like each process is running as expected across multi nodes. Let's say if i have 3 kafka broker machine, then in that case I will have total 3 kafka broker process, assume if any 1 machine goes down then i will have only 2 kafka process instead of 3. So how do i setup a custom alert to trigger in this case if my process counts goes from 3 to 2

Already on going through custom alerts i see some metrics called "Process Process Count". What this really means could some one explain, do you think this metrics will suit for the above requirement.



Hey Kandasamy,

You can go to the process page for one of these processes, click the "..." button at the top, Edit -> Availability Monitoring. In the Open Problem drop down, select "if minimum threshold is not met". You would see the option to select "Open a new problem if the number of active process instances in the group is fewer than". Then you can enter the threshold number of active processes. For your example, you will enter 3 as you want Dynatrace to create a problem if the active process instances is less than 3 (i.e. 2,1 or 0).

Hope This Helps


Agreed here with what NJ said as this is the best way to do this - you do not need to setup any custom alerting.

Let us know if you still need help configuring, or if you have further questions!


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