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Custom disk-detection rule overwrites other settings?


Can someone confirm, that the custom disk-detection rules overwrite other settings? So e.g.

1. I have a host that's not using host group anomaly detection, it has a customized setup.

2. Then I modify one specific drive to have low disk space detection off.

3. If a custom disk-detection rule applies to that host group and that drive, it will essentially re-enable that drive's low disk space detection / alerting?

That is at least what it appears to me. That's a bit problematic, because the custom rules are pretty rigid, and don't allow the exclusion of single hosts or drives. So you can't use them as a general template and then do some modifications host per host and drive per drive. It's starting to look easier to just ditch the custom rules, and manually modify each host.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Why not use the global host + tag option together with disk naming rules? Otherwise you can always override a single disk on a host of course.

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