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Disk Space - exponential use of memory


I have a xx application which is hosted on windows server and it is being monitored by Dynatrace. The windows server has total of 100GB. When xx is running on windows in day1 it is consuming 10GB and avail memory is 90GB, day2 - used 10GB, day3 used 10GB and available memory is 70 GB and so on.. It is exponentially growing the memory usage. 


1. i am in day7 , How to predict in day10 memory will be full and create alert in Dynatrace and send email notification to the user says everyday memory consumption is xxGB and so and so date the memory will be full . please make sure to clean the unwanted log files.

2. How to alert the team xx application is going to down on so and so date. How to predicate early and send notifications?

What are the different options available in Dynatrace?

3. After detecting how to send the alert details to BMC remedy and create incident?



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