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Documentation related to Custom Alert configuration


I need to provide support teams with information concerning what custom alerts can be configured. I have, however, not been able to locate any documentation related to this. To be able to view the configuraiton options you need admin access to the system, and we cannot provide our end-users with that... without being able to provide them with a document or link to on-line information they will not have any clear idea as to what they can request. Are the configuriton options documented anywhere?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I fear there is just my blog post describing how to set up a custom alert.

I will trigger the creation of a help page for that topic. Thanks for the reminder!

Thank you. I found your blog entry helpful. One thing that I found unclear in it, however, was the statement that "While one solution to unnecessary alerting might be to adjust your anomaly-detection thresholds downward so that, for example, low disk space issues no longer trigger alerts, there is a better way of customizing alerting that doesn’t compromise Dynatrace anomaly-detection AI." This suggests that having a custom alert configured somehow over-rides the default problem detection settings... I would be surprised if that was the case... I presume that what you had in mind was configuration of your alerting profile so that it picks up the problem for the custom alert but ignores the out-of-box problem that would also be created... perhaps this could be clarified in the blog entry. At any rate, I believe that the lack of documentation for custom alerts in the main help pages is a big gap... glad that you will be addressing it!.

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