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Drill down into "Impacted users" from an open problem

Hi guys,

When a new problem is detected in Dynatrace, you can open it and get all additional information such as affected service calls and impacted users. Is there a way to drill down into the impacted users and find out who these users are? Basically link user names to problems. Right you you can only see a total count of impacted users and there is no way to drill down into them. I have user tagging enabled and I can see a list of all users in the "User sessions" dashboard and I am looking for a way to correlate user names with problems.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

A very popular question 🙂

This is on our roadmap. We already collect the user ids within a problem and we are working to provide a user sessions filter for that.

A very popular question with our customers/prospects, is there an ETA yet?

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