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Error Message show in purepath "Diagnostic code: 56"

Hello Everyone,


At any Purepaths I found Message "Some data could not be collected or transmitted. This is most likely

due to a resource congestion on network, host or process level in your monitored environment (Diagnostic code: 56)" as the picture below.


Could you please tell me what happened and how can I solve it.


Thank you,



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

As you can see on your screen this transaction was really long. It is possible that because of that, some of async’s wasn’t able to come back in time, agent was able to track them. In such case there may be some missed parts of transaction. I suggest checking support archive on agents that are taking part in this transaction. But I agree that this message should be change to something more helpful 🙂


Hi Sebastian K.,

Thank you for your time, So I want to know, How the maximum time Dynatrace agent can capture the data? as in appmon I know that maximum time at 10 minutes.

Thank you,

I think there is time when nothing is happening (no response from a sync), because I have some transactions that are taking even 2 hours and they are captured (they are pretty complex).

This may be as well caused by application specification where some threads are handled in a way that does not allow DT to collect all data. Agent is made to not produce overhead for transactions, so in some circumstances it will break pure paths to not stop or slowdown transactions.

I don’t know here exact timings you are asking about.

Does that mean Dynatrace has no purupath time out like the appmon ?

I don’t know nie those limits looks like, from my experience it depends of technology and particular transaction. I’ve found only this question with Julius answer, but there is no detail as well.