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Exceptions related to HTTP error codes



1. Is there any possibility to eliminate all errors on requests that come on a specific 4xx code for example, without adding the exceptions in the ignore list ?

2. Is there a feature to ignore exceptions that are associated with a specific error code ?

For example if we have the same exception on a request that come with both error codes HTTP 404 and HTTP 500, we would like to ignore the errors that only come with HTTP 404 in association with the exception in cause.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Exceptions and HTTP error codes are different things. You can even have HTTP/200 with lots of exceptions.

Given this, I believe Dynatrace cannot do the configuration you want. You would probably have to submit a Product Idea, so it can be voted up, and eventually implemented.

BTW, your are trying to filter these exceptions, so that they don't show up somewhere. Where do you want them not to appear? In MDAs, Purepaths, list of exceptions inside services, etc. ?

Antonio Sousa

Sorry, just noticed that you put this in a Product Idea:

Antonio Sousa

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DynaMight Champion



Simple question:
Why you dont want to use the ignore exception menu, this is very simple to use and work fine.


Also, you have an API way to build it without use the UI.


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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey, did you checked on below link ?

Ignore web request errors | Dynatrace Docs

also already accepted solution for similar requirement?

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