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Filtering out problems with title "Multiple infrastructure problems"


Is there a way to filter out problems with title "Multiple infrastructure problems" in an alerting profile? If yes, pls explain. I presume in the event filter problems like this won't be eligible for "custom" or "predefined".




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


I'm afraid that if you only need to catch "Multiple infrastructure problems", there is no way to do it, as filters  are "event filters", and not "problem filters".
For anyone landing in this thread:

Event vs problem

Events represent different types of individual detected anomalies, such as metric-threshold breaches, baseline degradations, or point-in-time events, such as process crashes. Dynatrace also detects and processes informational events such as new software deployments, configuration changes, and other event types.

A problem might result from a single event or multiple events, which is often the case in complex environments. To prevent a flood of seemingly unrelated problem alerts for related events in such environments, Dynatrace Davis® AI correlates all events that share the same root cause into a single, trackable problem. This approach prevents event and alert spamming.

Problems have defined lifespans and are updated in real-time with all incoming events and findings. Once a problem is detected, it's listed in your problems feed.

Thanks for the clarification @PacoPorro . 

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