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HTTP monitor stops executing further steps when first step fails.



I have configured a HTTP monitor with few GET steps like below.

Each step has text validation. Basically, if validation in any of step gets fails it should generate an problem with desired details like "Service1 is Down" (which we can achieved by giving desired name to the steps like "Service1 is Down")

However, the problem is generated only for 1st step not for 2nd and 3rd step which depicting a status of those 2nd and 3rd services.

I believe, execution is getting stopped on 1st step when condition matches.

Is there any way we can configure HTTP monitor to check on further steps even if earlier steps gets failed?

Please guide.



I think best option would be create separate http monitors for each services, not by using steps.


Hi Sebastian,

Can you check the article "Link".

Can't we achieve same thing in my case. Like in article, in second and fourth step it validates if monitor is created or deleted.


But this will always work like you've mentioned. If you have failed step inside monitor, execution will stop on this. This is why I've suggested to create separated http monitors for each services. Example above is related to some business path, in such case this is good to have it inside single monitor. If there are separated services and call are not related to themselves, you can split them into own monitors.