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How do I ignore a problem ?


Hi !

Dynatrace found a problem with a disk on one of my server that is almost full.
The incriminated disk is /boot and it's content will not change. I don't need an alarm for this.

How can I tell Dynatrace to ignore this issue ?

Thanks !


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Quentin,

You would have to open the specific host, go to host settings, and you will find the Anomaly Detection settings. Out of these you can override the global settings and turn off or edit the way disk space is being alerted against. Here is a snapshot of this page:



Hey Radu,

Thanks for your reply.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but this will impact all disks on the host.
That could prevent me to notice some real issues 😕
Is there really no "Mute Problem" feature ?

Hi Quentin,

I don't believe we have the functionality to ignore a problem as specific as that. The anomaly detection certainly cannot take in rules per disk drive/partition, and the options for ignoring infrastructure problems only allow ignoring a whole entity (i.e. all problems for that host).


Is it "by design" or just not implemented yet ?

The feature of individual thresholds per disk/partition is being worked on but not yet implemented. I don't have an ETA for it.

Great, that's good to know. thanks ! 🙂

Can we put our two cents if for getting this implemented as well. We have entire ESX systems that are red with error state because we cannot ignore one swap disk that we run filled all the time. We cannot just ignore the other 15 disks on the systems.


If ignoring all alerts relating to the entity is an option (e.g. one disk on a host as per @Edward S.'s example), you can modify the default Alerting Profile and add a filter that looks for the disk name in the problem description, then check 'negate'. This means Dynatrace will only log problems that do not contain the disk name.




Disabling disk alerts or individual disk are available now. Go to host>edit>Anomaly detection>turn on switch "set specific threshold per disk" and there you can turn on/off specific alert on specific disk.