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How does Dynatrace map DT Severity to ServiceNow Severity?

Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

How does Dynatrace map DT Severity to ServiceNow severity? When Dynatrace pushes a problem to ServiceNow, what determines the severity in the ServiceNow ticket?



Hi Jarett,

Hi Jarett,

See the breakdown of the various events below

  • WARNING - Resource events e.g.
    • Unexpected high traffic, CPU saturation, Memory saturation, Low disk space, Slow disk, Low number of inodes available, High network utilization, Long garbage-collection time, High latency, I/O commands queued, Custom resource contention event
  • MINOR - Slowdown events e.g.
    • User action duration degradation, Response time degradation, Performance log pattern found, Custom performance event
  • MAJOR - Error events e.g.
    • JavaScript error rate increase, Mobile app crash rate increased, High rate of dropped packets, High number of network errors, Error log pattern found, Custom error event,
  • CRITICAL - Availability Events e.g.
    • Unexpected low traffic, Host or monitoring unavailable, Process unavailable, Availability log pattern found, Custom availability event

Hope This Helps


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

That answer is yes and maybe not. It depends on what you are using from ServiceNow. If you have a CMDB and are using ServiceNow IT Operations along with ServiceNow Event Manager, the decision on how important something is is made on the ServiceNow side and not from the monitoring tool side.



We're going thru Event setup and tuning right now, and I found we need a fair amount of adjustment to override the defaults. There's not much can be done with the Dynatrace Problem to SN Event connection - you can't override Severity, but we made adjustments in the Create Task process to correctly populate impact, urgency and adjust the priority.

I would love to be able to tune the 'problem' output in Dynatrace to match our use cases rather than have to re-adjust the event stream in ServiceNow.

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