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How does Dynatrace trigger Alert Notification for Slowdown Transaction?

The customer had configured Alerting Profile - Problem severity level for slowdown -

Send a notification if a problem remains open longer than 10 min.

However, the customer receives a problem for slowdown open from 16:52 to 16:54 (2 minutes) under the Dynatrace Managed UI Problem section. Hence, I like to understand how the Alerting Profile for slowdown configured 10 min correlate back the underlying AI.



Hey Chuan,

The Alerting Profile setting is configured for the notification of a Problem i.e. via Email, Slack, ServiceNow etc. This means the problem will not be alerted on via your notification preference (Email, Slack, ServiceNow ) for 10 minutes. This does NOT affect Problem creation within the UI. Problems will still be created the same way, the only thing Alerting Profiles do is determine when the notification is sent out to your notification preference.

Hope This Helps


Thanks a lot.