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How instantly the Problem appears in UI and is notified?



I have a question about how instantly the Problem appears in UI and is notified.

I think that it takes a certain amount of time from when abnormality detection on OneAgent to when appearing the Problem in Web UI and email notification.

Could you tell me how long it takes generally?
And how frequently do you update the information in the problem(Web UI)?

In this case, I assume that we set 0 to the following setting in the Alerting profile.
"Send a notification if a problem remains open longer than [0] minutes."
I suppose that the notifications of Problems send in near real time by this setting.

Noah Kobayashi


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Yes setting the duration filter to 0 in AlertingProfiles means that problems are delivered instantly. All notifications are sent immediately when the problem is opened but the Web UI has a refresh of one minute. So in worst case, if the problem opens right after a refresh you will get notified before you see the problem in our webUI.

Hi Wolfgang,
Thank you for your response.
Could you tell me generally how long it takes from when OneAgent get abnormal performance data to when the Problem notifies via email?
Our customer needs the figure.
Thanks, Noah

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