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How to build custom dashboards and alert based on BrowserFamily or Referrers?


I have a requirement to monitor and alert based on where the traffic originated from and what type of device was used.

Is is possible to build custom dashboards and alert on metrics like browserType or browserFamily ? I can see both metrics in the session query tooling but neither metrics appear to be available in the 'Add metric' drop downs in the dashboard creator or alert setup pages. The session query tooling is limited by not being timeseries based and i'd like to see a graph over time for device usage.

Also do you track referrers other than as part of the back trace functionality ? I would like to graph over time where traffic originated. And is it possible to alert on referrer metrics? (REFER X > 10k hits in a timeframe)

the reason for both questions is we had a problem on the site which was tracked back to a 3rd party site which sent a large amount of referrer traffic to our site overloading the site and we had to manually track back via logs to the root of the traffic - i'd like to speed up the identification process going forward.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You can leverage the metrics for the application page to give you the results by application: 



i don't think you can from the session segmentation but that would be a great RFE 


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