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How to configure application HTTP error rate alerts?




Does anyone know how to edit the anomaly detection settings for alerts like this?



HTTP error rate increase
The current error rate value of 12.1 was above your auto-baseline of 11.8.


So for example, if I would like that we only alert when the auto-baseline is breached by 100 % - meaning we need to see at least an error rate value of 2 * 11,8 = 23,6 before this alert is generated. Where can I define that?


Based on the info I've got so far, the HTTP errors are actually coming from the OneAgents at server-side, not from RUM (like everything else under the Applications menu). Does anyone know if there's any documentation about these HTTP error rate alerts for Applications? I was unable to find any. And to be clear, I'm not talking about which 4xx or 5xx responses are regarded as errors per app. I'm happy with the way that is configured. I just want to raise the alerting threshold, so that I don't get those HTTP error alerts as often as I currently do.


I've also created an RFE regarding this topic (, but since there's no activity or comments there, I thought I'd also separately ask about it in this section.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper



You can edit those on the application settings -> Anomaly Detection (to just one application) or globally under Settings -> Anomaly Detection -> Applications.

You can define the % deviation for error rates in there.

More details can be found here:


You can edit the JavaScript failure rate detection there:

"Alert if the percentage of user actions affected by JavaScript errors increases by [...]"

So is this an oversight in the UI text and the setting actually affects both HTTP and JS error rates?

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Yes, i think so. Is not restricted to js errors, is to all the app errors, as defined on the errors detection.

So the text should be just errors, not js errors....

Thanks Arturo! It would be great if we can get a confirmation from Dynatrace that it indeed works that way. Because so far I've got very contradicting information about this: both a Dynatrace consultant and a person from the in-product chat told me that I cannot edit this Application HTTP error rate anomaly detection under the Application's settings, only under Services settings. Which is why I'm slowly starting to lose my mind with this topic, since it seems that no one really knows how this works 😛

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

I understand the baseline is for all the errors, so the adjustment will affect to all of them, as defined on the error detection.

Here a blog post with more details on the topic:

I think the UI is referencing the previous behavior (prior to v 200)

Great, thanks again Arturo. In that case the UI text for sure should be updated ASAP!

worth to add,
if you are setting alerting profile for 'HTTP error rate increase', there is no predefined type. You have to use a custom event type with the title 'HTTP error rate increase' to get alerts.