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How to monitor the availability of a java batch ?


Dynatrace managed is monotoring many java batches. These batches are scheduled to run every x minutes. I would like to set up an availibility alert if any batch did not start after x minutes time range. I tried to get it done by using alerting profiles with the tagged service of the batch. But it did not work.

Did you have any idea on how to manage that kind of situation ?

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would recommend doing this at the Process/Service layer in conjunction with your alert profile as they will work together,

First navigate to the process/service and select Edit

From there select Availability Monitoring and turn it on

Select how you want the alert to be triggered.

I recommend that you keep your alert profile and tagging set that way you only need to change the settings above. Otherwise you will want to retag and recreate your alerting profile.