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How to tailor what problems are picked up by Dynatrace UFO?



I'm in the middle of a proof of concept trying to adopt/make environment health more visible within the organisation.

I've managed to integrate Dynatrace's UFO with the org's instance of SaaS however, hit a roadblock.

There are many services within the organisation each with their own unique problems. Essentially I do not want the UFO to pick up all the problems, only relevant problem cards to my services.

My understand that all the problem cards picked up in Analyze>Problems

Has anyone had the same roadblock of trying to tailor the UFO alerts??

My first thoughts were to turn off all alerting, other than the ones of interest, however this will create alot of noise(and many enemies).

I then had another idea of trying to set up custom integration to the UFO in Settings>Integration>Problem Notifications. Has anyone had any success sending APIs from Dynatrace to the UFO?

I can almost see the finish line and am super excited on the progress made so far, any insights would be greatly appreciated!




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

According to this document webhook integration (here for dt managed) is comming soon. Right know API endpoint is used so there is no option for configuring alerting profile for it.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks for the response Sebastian!

Understood, so at this stage I cannot configure an alerting profile for API endpoint.

I'm thinking next steps forward are to leverage the UFOs Out of the box integration and configure the org's problem analysis to be more efficient.



Whole software for ufo is on Github so in generał you should be bale to extend it 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

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