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Ignore exception with specific message and wildcard - Is it possible?

I have an exception that I am trying to tell Dynatrace to ignore that is turning out to be tricky.

A couple of question that I am hoping I can find answers too.

Question 1:

This looks like 2 exceptions looking at the purepath. You have the top which is...


But then you also have the exception at the start of the message which is...


I am 99% sure the exception to be placed in the "exception class" rule below should be whats called out as the exception and not the exception listed at the start of the message, correct?

Question #2

We do not want to ignore all exception messages that can come from that exception class. We only want a specific type which is shown below. Does the message value to filter on start at the "com.altassian.bitbucket.content.NoSuchPathExcetion:" or does it begin at "The path....."?

com.atlassian.bitbucket.content.NoSuchPathException: The path "Jenkinsfile" does not exist at revision "ecfb6ba40XXXXXXXXXXXXXX847cb3b"

Question #3

Question 2 then takes me into question 3 🙂 This specific exception message has a different revision value each and every time. I have tried setting the "type a string that, if found..." by just adding part of the message, but that does not appear to work. For example if I use the value "The path "Jenkinsfile" does not exist at revision" in that field below. It's a bit confusing because its stated in a way that makes it sound like you can just put part of the message to act as a type of wildcard. Which is also another question... Can I wildcard the revision value part of the message?

Thank you!



Hi ..

Yes - you can do so. Go to Settings/Server Side Monitoring/Deep Monitoring and add a rule in the Section "Exclude noisy and unnecessary exceptions".



I did not even think about there. I would think I would want to set this here:

The problem is, I don't think I can wildcard the message in here, can I?




There is not a dedicated wildcard for the Message and/or class. You could just specify a part of the string and use the "contains" - matching.

According to your Idea of being able to specify this in the Error-Detection Settings: Think this is a good idea to make this feature easier to find.