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Is it possible to export timeseries of Synthetic browser monitor?


Hi All,

I am considering about Synthetic alert notification.

Dynatrace can not notify the synthetic alert only by one threshold violation.

(This function is changed form Classic Synthetic. And I request as RFE:

Now I think I want to notify with external method. If I can export the synthetic timeseries with Dynatrace API, I can do that.

So, Is it possible to export the timeseries of synthtic browser monitor?

Yasuo Ohnsihi


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Yasuo,

Of course you can, please see the new metrics API endpoint.

You just have select the synthetic metrics.

Best greetings,


Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for your reply. I will check the Metric API.

Best Regards,
Yasuo Ohnsihi

But please wait with the external alerting until next week as we are introducing a new custom event and alert feature that allows you to alert on all synthetic metrics. So I guess that will solve your use-case without exporting the metrics.

Best greetings,


See a preview screenshot here:

Thank you!!, Wolfgang.

I will check the alerting function!


Hi Wolfgang,

I checked new custom alert function. I understood the function can detect 1 threshold violation.

But the alert mail is too slow. The alert mail is send after about 8 min of detection.

So is it possible to change the timing of alert mail?

The flow is the followings.

- Alert detect at 14:19(JST) = 05:19(UTC)

- Alert mail was send at 14:26:58(JST) = 05:26:58(UTC)(from mail header info)

Support team say the alert detect check function waits 5 min for one more synthetic measure and about 2 min for thinking to alert.
Why the wait time is need? And is it possible to change quick mailing process?

Best Regards,

Yasuo Ohnishi

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