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Is it possible to give request attributes in Problem Notification Custom Payload?

Frequent Guest

In Dynatrace, under Settings > Integration > Problem notifications, when adding/editing notification, it allows me to define the custom payload message and also provides me some available placeholders.


Somehow it's not sufficient, I want to pass some request attributes that are captured in runtime.

Perhaps I don't know how to. But if it is possible, please guide me on how to put the request attributes to the payload. Thanks in advance.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

a request attribute shows up in a similar design as the tags created in Dynatrace but it is not included in the payload. I would request a this feature via a RFE 🙂 


Thanks ChadTurner,

I was thinking I could achieve some monitoring by doing automation using alerts. Unluckily, I have to do most of job manually 😂

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