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Is it possible to integrate Dynatrace one agent with Tivoli to get alerts in Dynatrace ?



Hi Kumud ,

Yes you can send alerts to 3rd party systems via Webhook . It will enable you to do an HTTP POST for any alert generated in dynatrace.

As an alternate option , you can also do a REST API query to fetch problem details if there is any such option in IBM Tivoli.

Please let me know if you need any more details around this.


Himanshu Mor

I want to send alerts from Tivoli to dynatrace so that I can see the entire data in One Platform.

Hello Kumud,

I don't think that is possible in dynatrace as dynatrace has been designed to be an APM product.

We have a lot of use cases where we need to send alerts from dynatrace to other Event Management tools like IBM NOI , EMC SMARTS , CA SOI etc but not the reverse.

However if still this is a use case for your specific customer , you may go ahead and raise an Idea for the same,


Himanshu Mor

Hello Himanshu Mor,

I have a case where I need to send alerts from dynatrace to IBM Tivoli.

Could you help to share the detail of steps or ways how you have done it?

Thank you so much.



You can push custom events, but you'll need to figure out how to mediate the interface between the two.

I'd think, however, that an event aggregation tool might be better for this. Something like Moogsoft where you'd push Tivoli and Dynatrace events to do ML and correlation.



Since version 151 you can open problems in Dynatrace from events of other tools.

You just need to use the Event API and specify which kind of event.

You have two options:

- Push events from Tivoli as extra information to be taken into account into Dynatrace root cause analysis. If Dynatrace detects a problem, it will show alongside the events from Tivoli of the affected entities. This might reduce the overalerting in your system.

- Open problems in Dynatrace from Tivoli alerts. The risk here is to have double alerts. For example: if a host is down, both Tivoli and Dynatrace will alert, which will result in 2 problems in Dynatrace (grouped together)

Here is how to push events into dynatrace:

Here is the particular case of events where the events will open a problem in Dynatrace:



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