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Is there a way to create business transactions or alternative and also purepath related alerts in Oneagent?

Can someone help if below options are available on oneagent.

1.Creation of business transactions or an alternative

2. Is it possible to create alerts from the transactions screen

3. Is there a way to create alerts for purepath response time, web request response time and slowest transactions?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

1) business transactions on Dynatrace are handled different than on Appmon.

2) custom alerts can be only defined in global settings for environment.

3) you can read more here:

Generally alerts you asked can be handled by setting custom thresholds in services (if automatic are not good for you). Remember that Dynatrace needs at least 7 days to learn how your applications works. It has some first baselines earlier but best results are after a week.


Regards, Sebastian

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