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Is there any option to view the reason for transactions exceeded the configured threshold limit.


Hi All,


I have configured Threshold limit as 5 seconds for a measure "OPEN POD" in Production environment.


For this measure- Spike has exceeded the configured threshold limit at certain point's of time.


I Can see in incident tab as the reason only "start time and end time" in Dynatrace for the exceeded threshold spike and alerts are getting triggered.

Is there any option to view the information why it has exceeded the threshold limit. Could any help me on this.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you try right click on this incident and drill down to purepaths? There should be your answer.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian for your response.

I have drilled down the incident to pure paths and I could see the results. Finally I found the answer for it.

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