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Is there any update status for problem events?


Hi All,

We are sending our problems to an ITSM solution. Right now we are receving the problem open and closed notofications to the tool. But in a span of time like less than 5 mins due to any infra/Application issue problem has been opened at 8AM for 2 of my hosts as affected, so in the problem we will see 1/2 events, but after 3-5 mins due to the same issue if it has started affecting some more hosts in the stack. In this case as they are all due to same issue Dynatrace AI will merge them under the already opened problem as events, and increases the total events count right? Please correct me if am wrong in this case is there a way we can get notified if there is any change/update to the existing problem's impacted or affected entities?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @sreedharm 

I might not understand the exact requirements but have a look at the following link to understand the detection of frequent issues:



Thanks @Babar_Qayyum for sharing the link! Yes our requirement is on the same topic. Whenever Dynatrace adds the new Events we are not sure whether it will send an update notification to ITSM tools via Webhooks or else it will be only for Open/Closed status of the problems.

Hello @sreedharm 

If this is the case then, you can disable the frequent issues for the time being and try it.




Hi @sreedharm and @Babar_Qayyum 

Sorry to break in here, but from our experience since alerting are being sent only on problem open and close, when the request is to update the ITSM on each event change, we are using dynatrace problem and event rest api to pull the information from dynatrace rather to use dynatrace alerting capability.



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