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Is there limit of creating custom alerts in an environment


How many custom alerts we can create in an environment. Is there any limit on host , process , services alerts. We have a dynatrace node for SIT environment where there are more than 200 hosts in. If I create 2 custom alerts on each host then this reach 400 , same apply for process and service on those hosts.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In theory there is no limit on creating custom alerts. What's the use-case of all those alerts on individual hosts? If its the same metric on each host you can define one custom alert for all your hosts.


If you're just wanting to make sure that you're alerted on all hosts, you can have the default alerts set up (failure rates, response degradation, disk space, memory usage, cpu usage, etc.) without setting up custom alerts per host. Using the defaults, the alerts show which host is having the issues, and also alerts on multiple processes (you can configure this in DT settings) per host and shows which process, service, and host is having the issue in the alert.

For some of the alerts you may need to click the "Open in Browser" link (from the alert) to figure out which host (depending on the kind of alert) but specifically host issues like memory usage and cpu usage, garbage collection, etc. the alert will show you which host is having the issue.


As most of default alerts do not have timeseries id ( for example cpu usage) . We are providing data to service assurance team through API. we may have to use custom alerts on some metrics so that we can use them KPI and set threshold accordingly and alert.

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