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Jmeter response assertion integration with Dynatrace


Hello community,

i have completed the integration betweek Jmeter and Dynatrace (this is doc: )

All works fine, but i have a question: how i can integrate response assertions in Dynatrace?

For example, i have a response assertion in my Jmeter test that check a specific word in a specific page of my application. If this check responses in error, how Dynatrace altert me about this?

Maybe i can mark the Jmeter request related to that check as a key request in Dynatrace, but is this enough?

I want to be sure that Dynatrace alert me when response assertion failes, so there is a specific integration or configuration to do?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is a very good question, I know that Dynatrace has content validation on its synthetics but im not sure about this custom integration. You could see about using log detection and see if the Jmeter logs the validation as an error then you would be alerted.

Hopefully some other community members have some experience with this Jmeter application.


Thank you Chad, i'll do some test, but i think i need an official integration. For example, i would Dynatrace alert me that a response assertion failed with a problem that say "hey, this response assertion of this Jmeter test failed" or something like this

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