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K8 Cronjob failed jobs should not trigger success alert after triggering failed job alert


I have created custom log metric event which filter out failed cronjob and set this custom metric in anomalies detection metric event to monitor failed cronjobs . While setting an alert I have notice that dynatrace is triggering the alert when any job got failed and immediately triggers resolved alert  for the same failed jobs . Ideally Cronjob that got failed is already failed and there is no point for dynatrace to trigger resolved status . As since Dynatrace does not offer any default cronjob metric event but still they can add filter in metric event which restrict dynatrace to send resolved trigger for failed cronjob



I saw you have edited the content , did someone acknowledge it @MaciejNeumann  ?

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

@wolfgang_beer Is this something you can advise on? 

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dear @akashkatoch ,

With log events you can trigger a problem that is kept open for a default period of 15min. In case the same log event appears again in this period of time, the problem is automatically refreshed and kept in active state.

You can add a custom event property with the value 'dt.event.timeout' = 60 to set the keepalive to 60 minutes to keep it active and open for a longer period of time.


In case you want the same problem to be open for days or weeks, there is no built-in mechanism in Dynatrace. This needs to be handled in an external ticketing system instead.

Best greetings,


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