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License expiration calculation in Epoch values



I have a customer that has a few license expiration dates that he wants to track.

Ultimately, our goal is to open alerts when he's 30 days before expiration.


We were thinking of calculating a metric (expTimeEpoch-currentTimeEpoch), and alert based off of the outcome.

He is able to get the license expiration dates as epoch/UNIX values, but not the current date and time. Is it possible to do within Dynatrace Managed? Are there other ways to open alerts based off of incoming expiration dates?


Thanks in advance,


Asaf Axelrod

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @AsafAx, it should be possible to do this with an extension, either OneAgent or ActiveGate.

@leon_vanzyl created an ActiveGate SSL/TLS certificate monitoring plugin that does exactly that: it checks the expiration date of the certificate and gets the current time, then alerts when the expiry date is within the defined threshold.
I'm sure there could be other ways of doing this, but this popped into my mind when I read your post - hope it helps!

You might also be able to integrate it with synthetic monitors which you probably have already. There it will directly state how many days you have left before the certificate expires and a problem will be raised and remain open until the certificate issue has been solved. You can also specify how long in advance alerting should start.

You can find that in your settings of the synthetic monitor if you go to HTTP requests and select visual mode.


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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


The question is what licenses you want to monitor. If it is about SSL certificates then you can monitor as colleagues described above.

In my opinion you should create a simple script/plugin that verifies the licenses and returns the values to DT. It can return all values and create thresholds in DT based on that, or it can return only those that need intervention.


Have a nice day!

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