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Memory usage alerts with email notification in Dynatrace SaaS


I want to configure memory usage alerts in Dynatrace OneAgent. If the memory usage is more than 90%, I need to get an alert. I observed in Dynatrace API, we can configure custom alerts, but on that page, I am unable to give the user mail ids. We can give those mail ids in Alerting profile, but the question is how to map Alerting profile and custom alert. I can see some predefined alerts in Dynatrace, but if the threshold is breached how can I get an alert through email?

How to configure alerts for those metrics?



Hi Sarath,

If you want to receive alerts for all memory issues on every host in your tenant, go to Settings > Integration > Problem Notifications. Click setup notifications and choose the Email option. Configure the email alert with the email ids you want to receive the alert and then select the alerting profile for which you want to receive alerts at the bottom. This will send alerts that match the alerting profile to the mail ids you have configured.

FYI you can create a custom alerting profile using tags to alert on only specific hosts that have that same tag. See more here

Hope This Helps


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