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Monitoring AIX errpt


Hi Team,


Is it possible to monitor AIX errpt using DT oneagent?


Thanks in advance


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

If errpt is a process or invokes a process, you should be able to but if it is just an AIX command that produces a report from error logs, without invoking any form of process which the OneAgent can monitor, then I don't think you'll be able to.


What would you want to monitor here, exactly? Whether the errpt command runs successfully, or something else perhaps?

Thanks @andre_vdveen . errpt is a AIX command that pulls error logs without invoking any form of process.


In current setup through IBM Tivoli Monitor, we use a script that triggers "errpt -a" at regular intervals and results from it are string matched which is stored in a parameter file and if there's a match an alert is raised.

In the future, that might be possible through the use of custom metric ingestion.


Unfortunately, at this stage, it is only available for Windows x64 and Linux x64, as per the prerequisites. AIX on PPC is potentially planned for future release (see module Extension Execution Controller)

@ssamraj you can use the same approach and push Events into Dynatrace to the corresponding host entity using Events v1 or v2 API. 
For determining the correct HOST entity ID you can use the  oneagent file open interface . Then you can easily push problem opening events to Dynatrace for such hosts.

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