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No alerts sent for major outages reported by "multiple service problems"


Hi all,

We had a business outage which was detected and correlated by dynatrace in a "Multiple service problems". The problem card correlated 7 different services. Unfortunately no problem notification was sent because one of the service was in maintenance. The other 6 services where not in maintenance and had alert profiles and problem notifications set for them but sadly the associated notification problems did not trigger.

So dynatraces logic is this: if only 1 service correlated by Davis into a "Multiple" problem card is in maintenance, no problem notification is triggered for all the other services. All the correlated services are considered to be in maintenance.

The more Davis correlates (we've had problem cards with 50+ services correlated in the past) the more there is a risk an alert will never be sent because of a single service being in maintenance at that time.

Is this a problem anyone else had to deal with ? Anything ideas on how to avoid this situation ?


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