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Passing custom entry with Alert/Problem notification


Hi Team,


The current dynatrace set-up we are using is SaaS model. 

We are looking for an option to pass any custom entry apart from the available placeholders with alerting profile.

The requirement is with each alert, their should be an link to KB article or an document that's will explain the possible way to tackle the problem.


Is their any possibilities to cover the above requirement in dynatrace?


Thanks in advance !!



Amit Singh Bisht  







DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There no way to do that. Even if you were to link a tag with a tiny URL for your KB Article on the host. The host will alert on, Resource issues - CPU, MEMORY, NIC, Disk Etc.. and on availability. So a CPU alert will give you the same Tiny URL tag as a Memory Issue, as a disk issue, as a network issue, and so on as well. 


You could leverage Custom events for alerting but that is not going to be saleable and impossible to manage for large organizations. 


Frequent Guest

A tag that can be a link as a type. Would be a great idea.
As key the link text and as value the target url.
So this can be placed at any place.
Another suggestion would be that a link can also be defined in a problem.
This would have the advantage to branch directly into the connected incident system.


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