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Process consuming high CPU


Hi Team,


Is it possible monitor which process is consuming high CPU (for Processor "_Total" rather than individual cores) on a windows server? If yes, any insights on this would be helpful.


Many thanks,

Srikanth Samraj



To top up my previous ask, this must be through custom event for alerting..

The Process CPU usage (builtin:tech.generic.cpu.usage) metric should give you what you're looking.


Percent of host CPU time used by processes in PGI


It has a Process (dt.entity.process_group_instance) dimension.  You can specify this dimension in the custom event message using a placeholder, {}

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You should be able to see this through the Host page, clicking "Consuming processes":


When the new page appears, select the processes you are interested in, and then you will be able to check in the graph the CPU (or other metrics) contribution:



You can also do this with Data Explorer, with filtering & splitting, but this is a quick way. You can also define specific alerting if needed.

Antonio Sousa

Thanks much. Is this process usage captured as an average rather than at individual cores?

This is the percentage of total CPU, so if you've got 25% on a 4 core system, it means the process is using a full core...

Antonio Sousa

thanks much AntonioSousa

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