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Process unavailable on IIS app pool


Dear Team, 

We have observed that when the IIS app pool goes to idle mode, it will still create a problem and send alerts as process unavailable. How do we configure this so that it will only alert on process shutdown not on the idle time? 






To avoid these unavailability alerts, you should configure the process group availability monitoring, For that you need to select the process group, go to the settings and look at the ones you currently have. Either you turn it off completely or you select the setting I have shown below. This way you would still get an alert if multiple processes of the same group are 'unavailable' or in your case idle OR unavailable. So now the first part should be settled.


Lets go on to part 2, getting the shutdown alerts. Not sure if it is best-practice but I would work with a custom alert now. Can you base these on events that you are seeing for a process? Like do you see different events in Dynatrace in case of an idle scenario compared to an actual shutdown on service level? Open the event details and compare. You could use these as triggers then. 



A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce

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