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Push ServiceNow CR's into Dynatrace


I'm wondering if there is any way to avoid Dynatrace to push events while a ServiceNow Change request approved in SNOW is ongoing.

Any of you implemented such feature?


There is no such option right know. As I understand you it we have problem of one kind you don’t want to have new events about it until action on SNOW side is managed. Actually problems has numbers so the only Idea I have is to make such suppressing on SNOW side. You cannot open management window to suppress notifications on dynatrace because it will affect many kind of problems you should know about.


Well, if SNOW is having a CR approved for a CI that is monitor by Dynatrace, during the implementation window (and most likely with an approved outage), I don't want to be alerted for any DT problem. What ever impact could trigger this outage has to be assessed during the CR approval, Does it makes sense?

I'm ok for DT to detected, but not to push any alert notification to SNOW.

In duch case I sugestii sending from snow (if possible) request that will open maintenance window with such setting on:

API reference:

In such case problems will be visible in dynatrace but all alerts will be suppressed.