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Sending recurring notifications


We have synthetics monitors that check SSL certificate expiration for domains and send alerts if they expire in 30 days or less. The problem we have is that DT sends out one notification when it detects the problem (<30 days before expiration) and the second one when certificate is expired already. In many cases the first warning is just ignored.

Is it possible to setup alerting profile to send recurring notifications  weekly/dayly even though if a problem is still open?

Ideally would be to send alerts weekly for the first 3 weeks and daily for the last week before expiration, considering synthetic monitor is setup to fail if certificate expires in 30 days .


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @olegus 

It seems to me that there is no such possibility at the moment. (Maybe I'm wrong😊)

I recommend to create a new Produckt Idea, because honestly it is a useful functionality.


Have a nice day!


Created Product idea as suggested. But is there any workaround we can use ? We of course can create multiple checks with different days-before-expiration checks but it sounds lame and costs more.

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