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Tagging everything seen by Dynatrace on a host


Hi All,

Could someone help me with following query

Our Service Assurance solution is consuming Dynatrace problem API. In order to identify processes, hosts and services for an application we are using different tag.
We are tagging everything ( Processes and services) seen by Dynatrace on a host. Whenever a problem created on any entity, Service Assurance know by means of Tag.

Problem occure when a process group instance which span across multiple application goes down, Dynatrace creates a problem for that specific process group instance but Service Assurance is unable to identify this process group Instnace belongs to which appliaction as there is no Tag on this.

How to resolve this problem?

We are even tagging processes which are not specific to application but are running on hosts. For example system processes, Dynatarce processes and many more which may not consume that much of resource. The reason is if any of these process in future create issue/problem , Service Assurance wouldn't be able to identify if we do tag them.

Is it recommended to tag everything seen by Dynatrace. Will it impact on anything?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I would recommend making a tag rule for each layer, processes, services, process groups, and hosts that way they only tag what rules qualify


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