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Triggering additional profiles alerts that is not related to the affected entity


I am noticing a change in how our alerts are triggering an additional profiles alert not only on the affected entity (host) but also on the exact root cause entity that is causing the issue (Process group).


It is really hard for our alert recipients to define/link what is exactly being reported! It's confusing and we have received a lot of complaints regarding this as some are not even related to the issue. 


This is after the recent upgrade and we are in the process to assess what is the correct workaround to redefine these alerting profiles of each application, and I am seeking any recommendations that can be helpful for this case.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This has been a hang up for our organization as well. The thing is Dynatrace will alert all Alert Profiles that are affected/impacted/cause the issue as a whole. So if your email service is down, you can fully expect the Email service team to be alerted as their entity is reporting a problem. Now lets say the root cause is because of a security scan process. If you have an alert profile created for Security Scan entities, then yes they will also be altered since they played a role in this issue, as the cause. So both teams are then alerted as the teams affected and the teams that caused the issue. 


It might be a hard change for the teams, but we found it to be a benefit to have all the needed teams on the call rather then just starting with one team who is having the issue, then needing to bring in the cause team. 


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