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Use Tags in custom Alerts


I tried to setup an alert on the slowdown of a web request to an external system which is not monitored by dynatrace.

I first had a look on the Request and found the Tag Request type there (that is a valid tag isn't it?)

After that I opened the settings and navigated to the alerting profiles. I set up a new profile with a custom rule. But when I try to filter on the request type tag it won't allow that. Can somebody help me out?






Hi @Gerald M.,

In the settings, did you add the new custom tag under Manually Applied Tags or Automatically Applied Tags? If I remember right, I had the same issue if I added it to automatically applied tags instead of manually applied tags, but I'll double check that.


Hello @Gerald M.

We were able to create custom alerts and below is what we did

1. Settings -> Log analytics -> Log-based events->Created a detection rule for custom log events

2. Settings -> Tags -> Automatically applied tags -> Add new custom tag (we created ours based on the process group and executable)

3. Settings -> Alerting profiles -> Create new alerting rule -> ' Filter problems by tag(Only include entities that have any tags)

(Custom alert (Immediate; Tag that was created and linked to the Process Group)

Hope the above steps will help you to get what you need.

Hi @Rocky O. and @Venkata C.

I guess your comments already answered my first question.

So the thing you can see on my first picture is no Tag i can user for alerting ? I mean the Request Type: itsmprod.

Because this one was generated without any configuration.

The second question would be how I can tag a request to an external domain with the external domain name?

I tried with an automatically tag and a condition on public domain name and also remote endpoint. But I guess those apply to the public domain name of the monitored service and not the external one, right?




Hello @Gerald M.

I have couple questions

1. Are you able to see data under Settings -> Log analytics -> Log-based events 'Detection rules for custom log events' ? ( for us we see a bar when the event occurs and we have select Generate the issue under Log Error Problem)

2. Settings -> Tags -> Automatically applied tags -> Rules, when you click preview do you see any results? ( for us we see the executable shown, that indicates the rule is valid )

Hi @Venkata C.

Thank you for your reply.

1. No that screen seems to be empty. I only have a button saying "Add new detection rule for custom log events". But I guess the thing I want to track is not a log event

2. The Preview Button is very helpful. I tried several settings, but I found no condition mapping my scenario.

What I want to reach is an alert if the request type itsmprod within the service "Requests to public network" has a problem. I'm able to tag the service itself, but I find no way to alert only on the one type of requests. But I can see Problems because of the slowdown of the request type itsmprod.




Isnt this "itsmprod" a request attribute? Request attributes cannot be used as tags for the alerting profile. To check go to Settings>Server-side>Request Attributes. You will need to do a Manual Tag or Automatic Tag rule to use with the custom alerting profile.

Hi @Fabio F.,

No it's no request attribute, at least it is not listed within the section you wrote above.

I didn't configure that RequestType on my own, it is displayed from installation on for every Request to external hosts.

How can I setup a manual or automatic tag on that request attribute, so that I'm able to user it within the alerting profile?




I found the solution now.

I had to mark the third party service as a separate service.

Afterwards I could apply a manual tag on it.



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