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What does "Problem ID" mean?



I'd like to know the meaning of "Problem ID" as seen in "Problems".

When I go to "Problems", I can see various problems in the list and each problem has a "Problem ID".

What I mean here by "Problem ID" is different from a uniquely defined ID for each problem.

This is an example image for "Problems"

Like the above image, "Problem ID" of this problem is "474".

This "Problem ID" seems not unique ID for each problem but something like ID for grouping or categorising because the same number occurs again and again.

In addition, each "Problem" seems to have the unique ID in the URL parameter like the following.


Note) Actually, this number has larger digits.

Then, what is the "Problem ID "?

If this means something like ID for grouping or categorising, what are the criteria for grouping?


Kohei Saito



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The pid you mentioned is the unique problem id, it's for for example to fetch problem details via the API.

The shorter problem number is just for quick reference. It won't be unique over large timeframes but can be used for quick reference, for example if you wan't a coulleauge to take a look at a specific open problem.

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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

One thing to add: The Problem ID values do not have any secret meaning. There's no grouping or categorizing based on ID values, they are just random.


Hi @Patrick H. & @Joseph M. H.,

Thanks for your comments!

It is a little surprising to me that Problem ID is used as only quick reference not as grouping ID of Problems.

However, when I come to think of it, we can refer to each problem using ProblemID as something like an index.

I understand Problem IDs are just random, too.

Thank you very much.

Kohei Saito

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