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What happens to anomaly detection when manualy closing a problem?

Let's suppose I manually closed a TCP connectivity problem, after that, what is the period that Dynatrace will consider reopening the problem in case of the TCP connectivity issue continues?



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello alejandro, 

While the anomaly underlying the closed problem is still ongoing, then the problem will remain closed and cannot be reopened. 
However, a new problem will be opened if the threshold is not violated anymore for the duration of their sliding window, in other words a new problem will open if the anomaly exceed again the TCP connectivity threshold (according to AI baseline), so new Problem ID will be created.

If it is on the same entity, it will be taggued as a "Frequent issue detection" only if we enabled it and with specific conditions (event duraction + severity) .

For more inside into TCP connectivity please take a look via


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