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When dynatrace detects a problem, it can make a sound prompt


I have a idea that when dynatrace detects a problem, it can make a sound prompt.

I originally thought of the way to integrate ansible towner, but in fact, my customers only use ansible don’t have ansible towner, so I don’t know if anyone has experience in this area to share with me?

Thanks in advance,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Yung-Chih C. this is a really cool use case but I dont think there is a way other then sending a custom webhook to a 3rd party entity that might be able to initiate a sound for an issue. Im sure it can be done via custom coding of a 3rd party platform or integration but it currently does not exist in the product as of now. You can request for an RFE: 


Hello @ChadTurner 

I am getting 404 on the access of RFE. Do we have any updates to this feature?



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @owen_chen ,

I played with that idea when implementing a global status page for a few thousand Dynatrace environments (described here) as I also wanted a "non-visual" notification as well (apart from the large Ops screen).

The status webpage in the background would just play a notification sound in the browser whenever a new problem "bubble" would be created. This was some fun when many environments had issues at the same time due to an infrastructure got quite noisy 🙂

I then switched to only playing sounds after a problem was open for 10 minutes, but I never "productized" that in the status page.

Technically this was quite simple: my backend queried the Dynatrace API and pushed messages to it's browser clients, which then played some sound via the browser's JS support.




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How to play Sound on Problem Notification?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

As Chad described above, a custom webhook, configured in Dynatrace Problem notification settings, that calls any Sound-generating API would be your easiest option.

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