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maintenance windows - Defining scope


Hi All,

One of our application will be under maintenance for patching . This is first time we are configuring maintenance features of dynatrace . Just small question on scope . Under scope do I need to define Just Host which are going under maintenance (using Host tag ) for that application . Or I still need to add Processes of those servers , Services of that application and Web Application in the scope list to set maintenance window for Specific Application .


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

it depends, is just the host going to be down? will other hosts take over the load and keep that app up? if so then you wont need to define out anything other then, but you could also create an automatic tag on all hosts/processes/services so if the app is "easytravel' then Easy Travel with be tagged on all the hosts, processes and services that server up that easy travel app, and you can select in you Maintenance window to include everything with tag "Easy Travel"

Let me know if you need any other assistance setting this up.


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