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monitor central processes controller

Hi guys

Customer got a 3rd party central processes controller that get inputs from different sources and its responsible of managed a lot of different business processes.

Let say we will be able to inquire this central processes controller every now and then to check business process "A" for: Last Status , number of failures in the last X minutes, how long was last operation .....

What do you think will be, if at all, the right way to push this data into dynatrace in order to give customer a monitor dashboard for his business processes and set up custom alerts on them?

Suggestion are more than welcome

Thanks in advance





If I got the description of your situation right, then it sounds like a match for building an OneAgent or ActiveGate plugin. If you have OneAgent installed on the process controller hosts, you should probably use OneAgent plugin, otherwise ActiveGate plugin.

Another way would be to push the metrics data via API - if for example the customer has already a system to pull the data out and send it to some other tool.

Hi @Julius L.

Thanks for the replay!

Will try to elaborate a bit the situation here and will appreciate your further inputs.

We can not install OA on the controller itself so the remote plugin will be in charge to pull the data out of the controller.

Our main concern is after we will get the data, about process status lets say, out of the controller, to which entity of dynatrace we should push it? Custom Services?! Process group?!


With ActiveGate plugins, you will send data to new custom devices created by the plugin.

ActiveGate plugins allow you to send data only to entities that are created using the plugin. You cannot send any data to entities that already exist such as process groups or services. (Actually you can do that, but by calling the Dynatrace API from the plugin code, not by using the plugin functionality.)

The Plugin-SDK contains few examples, just deploy them in your lab and you will have an idea how it works and what can be achieved.

Thanks @Julius L. for show me the light , will go with the Active Gate plugin and create new entity with it

All the best and take care