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I attended Dynatrace Amplify Partner Sales Kickoff 2024 - EMEA but still don't have my voucher



I attended Dynatrace Amplify Partner Sales Kickoff 2024 - EMEA but I still did not receive my voucher. I tried contacting the person that organized the event and the partner marketing emails, but my email keeps getting rejected. I was hoping to schedule my exam using the voucher. Can someone please help me with this because email is not working for me. 

Below are the emails I tried and all of them were rejected.

Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you soon.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I'm not sure how Dynatrace processes it internally, but from the last Amplify example, it may take some days for you to get the Promotion code. But it will arrive :dynaspin:

Antonio Sousa


Thanks for the quick response Antonio. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Merry ,

I spoke with the Partners team and have information for you: 🙂
x all eligible Kick-oof attendees will receive their voucher within a week of the live event - this has been shared in the comms and during the event itself;
x all provided by you above emails work; the team also checked the inbox and didn't get any emails from you, so please check if this is an issue on your side.

If we can help with something else, feel free to comment in the thread.

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Hi Agata,

Thank you for looking into this for me. All the emails I sent came back with the below error message, so I don't believe they were delivered. I also had my colleague try to send an email to Luis, and got a rejected email notification. It was only happening with those messages so I don't believe it's on my side. I will wait until next week and follow up if I still didn't receive it. 

Thank you again.


Hi @AgataWlodarczyk, I hope you are fine 😎

I have just not received vouncher neither, is it possible only people without professional certification are in scope?

Thank you!

Best regards 

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Does this really apply also this year? I don't see any mention of a voucher code for certification (I guess that's what you are looking for) in any of the registration emails. Maybe I'm not eligible 🤣

But in the wrapup mail sent out yesterday is a link to a survey and if you participate, you have a chance to win a 50$ Amazon voucher.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Yes, I also didn't receive.

But one person from my team, who is not yet certified, did receive the voucher 😀

Antonio Sousa

@AntonioSousa considering the certification changes, we need a dozen of vouchers for everyone 😁

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Same for me! I received the email regarding the Amazon voucher but no reference to the voucher. But do you think it is possible to write to someone to get information? Just to understand if we should wait or not 😁

Certified Dynatrace Professional


Given that you are also a Dynatrace Professional, as me, that should be the reason why you also didn't receive...

Antonio Sousa



I attended Dynatrace Amplify Partner Sales Kickoff 2024 - EMEA but I still did not receive my voucher. 


Can you send me the voucher?

Frequent Guest

I too attended the session and didn't receive any voucher. In the registration email, it was only mentioned that 'attendees' would get a voucher. No mention of any additional terms and conditions or any added criterias to be met. 

I am a first-timer for Dynatrace certification and was denied the voucher mentioning, 'did not attend session in full', no more details given. Looking at comments above, many of you have not received the code as you're 'already certified'. And many of us will never know why we din't receive the code, as either we won't follow up or Partners team will only respond for 1 of our 5 emails. 

I think Dynatrace only wants to attracts more number of participants for the live events on the pretext of giving vouchers, and they do not disclose all the terms and conditions to be met. As the eligible attendees would be way too less in that case. 

Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

Hi all, Dynatrace Partner Marketing Team here - well, one part of it! 🙂

The full criteria for the certification offer has been included in all email comms relating to the event, and to be eligible, partners needed to attend the live event for the entire duration, which was just under one hour.

We have issued over 1500 certification vouchers for those who were eligible. Please reach out to and we will review each query individually, but please rest assured if you are Dynatrace certified and meet all the criteria, you will still receive a certification voucher that can be used towards another certification or as a renewal. 

Thanks for your patience.

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